• We are now allowed 220 people in the Church, which complies with the recently announced 2m2 rule (with the exception of people from the same household). 
  • Everyone attending will need to provide contact details when they arrive, so it is IMPORTANT TO ARRIVE EARLY
  • The door must be closed when Mass starts

At-risk parishioners

Anyone who is unwell should not attend Mass and anyone with co-morbidities or over the age of 70 should exercise particular caution.

Face Masks and Singing

It is no longer mandatory to wear face masks in the Church and congregational singing is now allowed.


The Archbishop has dispensed people who cannot attend Mass for any reason from the requirement of attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.

Livestreaming of Sunday & Christmas Masses

The 9.30am Sunday Mass is livestreamed each week. To view online please copy and paste

I will thank you in advance for your co-operation with these measures which are for the good of society. Please continue to pray for those affected in any way by the coronavirus, for our civic leaders as they discern what is best for us all, and that the world will be soon be delivered from this scourge.

Fr John Doherty, Parish Priest

21 MAY 2021

Photos of the Church on Holy Thursday